03/21/2019 Data-driven Community Lead Poisoning Prevention
11/18/2018 Well Water Testing
05/21/2018 2016 Lyme Disease Data Published
05/11/2018 Tick Talk - New Tickborne Content
02/20/2018 Updated Data, New Mapping Tool Arrive for Lead Poisoning Content
09/01/2017 New COPD and Asthma Data Give Good Look at Respiratory Disease in Maine
01/24/2017 How many Maine wells have been tested for arsenic? (Hint: Our updated data can tell you.)
07/06/2016 Lead Poisoning Data for Maine Towns and for a Lower Blood Lead Threshold Released
05/09/2016 Lyme Disease and Deer Tick Data for Maine Towns Are Here!
02/15/2016 Study of Arsenic in Well Water Answers Important Questions about Bathing and Treatment
11/12/2015 Asthma and Heat Illness Data Updated
09/29/2015 But Wait, There's More - Private Well Water Data
06/15/2015 Putting Data to Work to Evaluate Carbon Monoxide Detector Policy
04/12/2015 New Lead Poisoning Data Available Now
02/25/2015 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
02/25/2015 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Data Updated
02/15/2015 2014 Lyme Disease Data Now Available
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09/19/2014 Maine Featured in National Tracking in Action Webinar
08/29/2014 Lyme Disease and Asthma Data Updated
08/29/2014 Scientific American Puts Spotlight on Maine Well Water
06/11/2014 Maine CDC Video Helps with Well Water Testing
04/23/2014 Tracking Goes Local with Town-level Private Well Water Data
10/16/2013 More Maine Homes Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Updated Data Tell the Story
08/28/2013 Tracking Lyme Disease in Maine? 2012 Data Now Available
07/22/2013 More Cancers and More Years Added to Data Portal
06/14/2013 Maine CDC Offers Tips to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
11/16/2011 Big Increases in Carbon Monoxide Detector Use Credited to Landlords and State Law