Data Updates

MaineTracking Network is ever-evolving. This page highlights the data portal topics we updated from 2023 to present.

  • Annual update refers to a scheduled update that may include new years of data, new measures (e.g., hospitalizations, emergency department visits), new display types (e.g., near real-time, trend-charts), or even new data portal topics.

  • Erratum refers to an identified data discrepancy. For an explanation of what took place and if changes in procedures were needed and added, please refer to the Details column.

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Date Data Portal Topic Type of Update Details
5/20/2024 Tickborne Diseases Annual Update 2021-2022 case numbers and rates. 
4/30/2024 Childhood Lead Poisoning Revised Displays New high-risk area display layouts guide users to key trends and indicators.
2/15/2024 Childhood Lead Poisoning Annual Update and Revised Displays 2022 lead poisoning and screening data. New display layouts guide users to key trends and indicators.
10/3/2023 Radon Erratum Revised the Tables display due to incorrect data being displayed for 2016-2019, 2021 when looking at state-level Survey Results not stratified by income, education, or housing status.  
7/5/2023 Heat-related Illness Annual Update 2019 survey data about air conditioning access.
7/5/2023 Radon Annual Update 2017-2021 survey data about radon testing and treatment behavior. 
7/5/2023 Well Water Annual Update 2018-2021 survey data about well water use and testing behavior. 2013-2019 well water quality data from Maine's Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory.