Carbon Monoxide Metadata: Mortality


Mortality and population data are from Maine’s Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics (ODRVS).

Dates Available:


Geographic Resolution:



The Maine EPHT program receives mortality data from Maine’s ODRVS. Unintentional and non-fire related carbon monoxide (CO) deaths among Maine residents are analyzed in order to assess trends over time.

The dataset contains the following measures:

  • 1. Crude rate CO poisoning deaths per 100,000 population.
  • 2. Number of CO poisoning deaths.


This data set supports efforts to improve public health in Maine and contributes to the U.S. CDC’s National Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) Network. A key activity of participants in this network is to track and make available environmental health measures on state and national data portals. Measures derived from the data set described here can be used to compare CO ED visits across the state, between groups of people, over time, and in relation to risk factors, exposures, and health outcomes.

The Maine Tracking Network, a member of the National EPHT Network, connects communities, public health professionals, policy makers, state agencies, and others to the data they need to monitor public health, respond to health concerns, prioritize resources for public health action, and evaluate prevention activities. Maine tracks certain health effects, exposures, and environmental hazards that have known relationships, as well as some health effects and environmental hazards that have suspected relationships. By making health and environmental data available through the Maine Tracking Network, more people have access to data they need to think critically and hypothesize about health outcomes and their relationships to conditions in the environment.

Supplemental Information:

Maine tracks ED visits, hospitalizations, and deaths due to CO poisoning, as well as the prevalence of CO detectors in Maine homes. Taken together, these measures are used to plan and evaluate prevention efforts and track the impact of public health policy aimed at preventing carbon monoxide CO poisoning.

CO-related mortalities are selected based on ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes that implicate CO poisoning as the cause of death. Data have been de-identified to protect confidentiality.

Entity and Attribute Overview:

This dataset contains the year, geographic resolution, count, population, rate per 100,000, and the 95% confidence interval for all unintentional, non-fire related CO deaths among Maine residents.

Data Limitations:

  • Cause of death is determined by medical examiners, physicians, and coroners. CO poisonings that are unrecognized may be attributed to other causes.
  • These data do not represent all CO deaths among Maine residents, only those deaths that were unintentional and not due to CO exposure from fires.

Access Constraints:

Publicly available data are suppressed in accordance with the Maine CDC Privacy Policy to protect confidentiality.

More Information:

  • To find more general information on this topic, see the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning page of the Maine Tracking Network messaging portal.
  • To find more detailed information about the measures, see the tabs labeled ‘Intro’ and ‘About the Data’ within the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning content area of the Maine Tracking Network Data Portal. (Note that clicking this link will open a new session in the Data Portal.)
  • For specific definitions of terms and concepts see the Glossary.
  • For more information on ODRVS, see the ODRVS website.
  • To view data for other states and cities, visit the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Data Portal.

Suggested Citation for Data Displays:

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental and Occupational Health Programs. Maine Tracking Network. Carbon Monoxide Metadata: Mortality. Available online: Accessed on [date accessed].