The New MaineTracking Network

June 21, 2023

We are redesigning our website to improve access to important environmental and health data. The new MaineTracking Network will include redeveloped data displays into the interactive data management system, Tableau, with updated look, feel, and functionality. In addition, background information and data displays will be better integrated into a single website. One thing that will not change, however, is the high-quality data display, analysis, and interpretation our MaineTracking Program is known for.

photo of laptop

Some of the great new features of the website include:

  • Enhanced Data Exploration: Users will be able to understand and explore data more easily through flexible design and interactive features.
  • Timely Data Updates: The new website will enable MaineTracking to develop data displays much more efficiently. This time savings will allow us to update existing data more frequently, and to create and publish new data displays.
  • One-Stop Shopping: This upgrade enables MaineTracking to present all information and data in one place. Background information and additional resources will be presented in the same page as data displays, for a more seamless experience.

What Can You Do?

What’s Next?

  • Phase 1: June Discovery sessions to collect input from Advisory Group members about the new website
  • Phase 2: July Migrate the majority of data topics into the new website with a new look and feel and disable the current data portal
  • Phase 3: November Migrate remaining data topics and formally launch a complete version of the new website; implement improvements based on user feedback

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