Heat-related Illness

Heat illness can be mild or it can be severe, at times requiring medical attention. Tracking emergency department visits and hospitalizations due to heat-related illness can be used to understand how Mainers are affected by hot weather. Maine uses survey data to track air conditioning access because spending time in air conditioning is often the best prevention against heat-related illness. 

What data are available?

Maine tracks the following measures associated with heat-related illness:

  • Near-real time data (daily emergency department visits)
  • Emergency department (ED) visits (annual summaries)
  • Hospitalizations
  • Air Conditioning (A/C) Access

Emergency Department Visits

This near real-time data dashboard provides daily updates to the number of emergency department (ED) visits for heat-related illness at the state and county level so far this year. You can also compare weekly totals going back several years.

Near Real-time preview