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Home page slide show image one alt text: a young girl holds a glass of water

Image one text: What's in your water? Find out about arsenic, uranium, and fluoride levels in the private wells in your town and the state. Plus, explore data about well testing behavior and homes with wells. Go to data portal

Home page slide show image two alt text: a deer tick

Image two text: Get Lyme Disease Data. Lyme disease is one of the most commonly reported infectious diseases in Maine. Use incidence data to track human cases of Lyme disease in Maine. Go to data portal

Home page slide show image three alt text: an elderly woman looks out her window through the blinds at a hot and sunny day.

Image three text: It's getting hot up here. Heat illness and air conditioning data are now available on the data portal. Find out who's at risk as summer makes its way to Maine. Go to data portal

Home page slide show image four alt text: a carbon monoxide detector

Image four text: Data at Work. The Maine Tracking Network shows how a state law requiring carbon monoxide detectors is working to dramatically increase the number of detectors in rental homes in Maine. Read the story.


Home page slide show image five alt text: a baby sits and looks out at you

Image five text: Power of Prevention. Mapping town-level childhood lead poisoning data is helping to keep Maine kids safe from lead. Read the story.

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