Public Health Valentines

February 14, 2023

What makes the perfect gift for the special Valentine in your life?  While these Valentine’s gifts may seem unconventional, you can be certain they are being given by someone who cares about you and wants to be your Valentine for years to come. Share these Public Health Valentines and learn more about ways you can protect your loved ones from environmental health concerns in Maine. Go to the data portal.

Let's have a romantic evening replacing the batteries in our carbon monoxide alarms.Happy Valentine's Day from the Maine Tracking Network! Check out our tips for staying safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.







You make me blush! But if it's cold outside and I have painful red skin, know that's the first sign of frostbite. Keep your sweetheart safe during cold weather.







A romantic evening awaits. Being prepared is a trait your valentine will love.







I detect an attraction between us. I also detect unsafe levels of radon in my basement, so I called a certified radon contractor.A radon test kit really shows your valentine you care. Learn more about radon in your town:







Talk data to meMake some gorgeous graphs, charts, and maps to give to your Valentine. (Trust me, it's what they've always wanted.) From easy, breezy air quality, to heart-stopping cardiovascular disease data...the Maine Tracking Network's got it all. We're always getting more data up on the Maine Tracking Network, so check back often.






My heart beats strong for you, Valentine!Need a healthy recipe for your Valentine's Day dinner? Find tips for buying and cooking fish low in mercury.







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