Lead Poisoning

doctor screening child for lead poisoningWhat lead poisoning data are available on the data portal?

Maine tracks the following measures associated with childhood lead poisoning.

  • Estimates of the Number and Percentage of Children Less than 3 Years Old with Lead Poisoning (Blood Lead Levels >5 ug/dL)
  • Blood Lead Screening
  • Risk Factors (Homes Built Before 1950 and Poverty)

Lead poisoning and screening data are available for single or combined years for 2004-2021. Data about age of housing and poverty levels are from the 2000 census and the 2016-2020 American Community Survey.

When possible, data are provided for different age groups and for the following geographic breakdowns.

  • Towns
  • Counties
  • State

New! An interactive dashboard with detailed data about Maine's four high-risk areas for childhood lead poisoning. Explore lead poisoning and screening data over time, between census block groups, and compared to risk factor data.

Why track childhood lead poisoning?

Lead has been banned in most consumer goods for decades, but old lead paint is still found in many of Maine's older homes, making it a persistent  health threat. Tracking lead poisoning data and risk factors such as age of housing and poverty levels allow us to identify areas in need of public health interventions and evaluate prevention efforts.

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