Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

nurse checking woman's oxygen mask in hospital bedWhat COPD data are available on the data portal?

  • Emergency Department Visits
  • Hospitalizations

When possible, data may be explored by sex, age groups and for the following geographic breakdowns.

  • Towns
  • Counties
  • Public Health Districts
  • State

At the state, public health district and county levels, data are available for single and combined years for 2001-2017. For towns, data are available for the years 2010-2014 combined.

Why track COPD?

Nearly 16 million Americans reported they have been diagnosed with COPD, although it is commonly accepted that COPD is frequently underdiagnosed. While smoking is the leading cause of COPD, other risk factors or exposures that make COPD worse include air pollution and lung irritants found in workplaces. By tracking emergency department visits and hospitalizations for COPD we can better understand how rates of the disease change over time and differ based on geography, age and gender.

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Where can I find more information about COPD?