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Data Updates

The Maine Tracking Network is ever-evolving. This page highlights the data portal topics we updated from 2019 to present.

  • Annual update refers to a scheduled update that may include new years of data, new measures (e.g., hospitalizations, emergency department visits), new display types (e.g., near real-time, trend-charts), or even new data portal topics.

  • Erratum refers to an identified data discrepancy. For an explanation of what took place and if changes in procedures were needed and added, please refer to the Details column.

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Date Data Portal Topic

Type of Update

02/25/2020 COPD Annual Update 2016 and 2017 emegency department and hospitalization data.
02/04/2020 Childhood Lead Poisoning Annual Update 2018 lead poisoning, lead screening, poverty, and pre-1950 housing data.
01/16/2020 Tickborne Diseases New Display Near real-time tab with preliminary totals for tickborne diseases in 2019.
01/09/2020 Radon  New Content Area Summary levels from more than 57,000 radon in air test results available at the town, county, and state level, as well as eight years of household survey data about testing, levels above normal, and whether those levels were fixed.
1/09/2020 Birth Defects Annual Update 2016 and 2017 prevalence rates.
10/02/2019 Acute Myocardial Infarction Annual Update 2014 and 2016 hospitalization data and town-level data.
05/07/2019 Tickborne Diseases Annual Update 2018 incidence data for anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Lyme disease.
05/07/2019 Heat Illness Annual Update 2012-2017 emergency department and hospitalization data and 2014 data about homes with air conditioning.
02/10/2019 Private Well Water Erratum The table display for county-level water quality data with Column Options "Multiple Analytes" was updated incorrectly in June 2018. Data values were doubled due to a one-time database conversion issue. The error did not affect any other tables, charts, or maps displays, and all other data are correct. This error was identified on February 10, 2019, and resolved immediately.
 01/26/2019 Childhood Lead Poisoning Annual Update 2017 lead poisoning, lead screening, poverty, and pre-1950 housing data.