But Wait, There's More - Private Well Water Data

September 29, 2015

The Maine Tracking Network’s recently expanded private well water quality data could make a big difference for anyone interested in finding areas of the state with well water high in arsenic, uranium, and other contaminants found in Maine wells.

Users now have access to summary measures for hundreds more Maine towns than before. For example, users can find the percentage of wells exceeding the state’s health guideline for arsenic in more than 340 towns, just about double the number of towns compared to data released in 2014.

The current dataset includes water quality test results from more than 45,000 wells, which are grouped and summarized by town to maintain individual household confidentiality. Water quality samples were analyzed at the State of Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory during the years 1999 through 2013.

The expansion adds even more value to what is already some of the most popular content within the Maine Tracking Network. The information is helping individuals, organizations, policy makers, and municipalities better understand local well water issues and develop initiatives to promote well water safety and testing.

How do you use these data? Let us know at metracking@maine.gov

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