Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Data Updated

February 25, 2015

The Maine Tracking Network now includes 2013 data on the percentage of Maine homes with a carbon monoxide detector, along with 2012 carbon monoxide poisoning hospitalization and mortality data.

The new data show that as of 2013, three out of every five households in Maine have a carbon monoxide detector. The percentage of homes with a carbon monoxide detector has increased significantly since 2004 when 35% of homes had a detector.

The major factor behind the upward trend is a dramatic increase in the percentage of rental units with a carbon monoxide detector, which rose from 34% in 2009, to 69% in 2013. This is most likely due to a 2009 state law requiring detectors in all rental units.

With the interactive query tools available in the Maine Tracking Network, users can chart these trends in carbon monoxide detector use for themselves, and make comparisons by county, public health district, and more.

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