More Maine Homes Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Updated Data Tell the Story

October 16, 2013

Increasing numbers of Maine residences have carbon monoxide detectors, an important, basic protection against carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. Data recently added to the Maine Tracking Network show that in 2011, 58% of all Maine homes had at least one carbon monoxide detector, up from 54% in 2010, and 48% in 2009. The increase is mostly due to significant gains in the number of rental homes with detectors which grew from 34% in 2009 to 58% in 2010, and 65% in 2011.

These upward trends are among several interesting public health findings to explore in the updated carbon monoxide poisoning data on the Maine Tracking Network. In addition to the new detector prevalence data, users now have access to 2011 hospitalization and emergency department visit data, as well as 2009 mortality data.

Exploring these data and comparing across different years, age groups, or genders, allows users to form a better understanding of carbon monoxide poisoning in Maine and can help inform and evaluate prevention efforts and policies.

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