Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey Data

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MIYHS: Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey


The MIYHS is a large survey instrument that provides an immense amount of data and information on the behaviors and overall health of youth in Maine. See below for MIYHS specific resources to assist interested individuals in using the data effectively and correctly. To go along with this, useful resources from other organizations and programs are also available.

The MIYHS Guide

This guide is similar to the old MYDAUS/YTS Data User Guide, and was designed with the purpose of:

  • Helping communities and schools utilize MIYHS data in their community to highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing clear examples of different methods to incorporate MIYHS data into strategic plans and evaluation
  • Providing clear explanations of MIYHS data reporting terminology and resources for planning and implementation

Using MIYHS Data PowerPoint

This presentation was designed to increase understanding and use of the MIYHS data and includes:

  • Clear and concise language to allow for consistent simple explanation of the project
  • Examples of using confidence intervals to assess differences in the data

Selecting Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Prevention Programs: A Guide for Maine Schools Grades K-12

This guide includes process steps, information, and tools to help schools select evidence-based programs that are the best fit for their unique needs and resources. This guide also includes:

  • Additional Resources and Support
  • Sample Planning Worksheets
  • Sample Evidence-Based Classroom Prevention Programs from the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP)