Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey Data

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MIYHS: Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey

Methodology & Data Requests

The full methodology details are in the report attached here. In addition, there is a fact sheet with some key points, our privacy policy and data request information and forms.

Summary Reports by Level

For each level (Kindergarten & 3rd Grade, 5/6th Grade, Middle School and High School), we have provided a Summary PDF report.

Results by Topic

As resources allow, reports by topic area may become available and will be posted here. This is generally the data in the full report but may include additional analyses.

    Detailed Results by County, Public Health District and State

    As resources are available, reports of the MIYHS by county, public health district, and state will be posted here. This is the same data as provided in the full report, but is organized by the geographic region, rather than by topic. Reports for some geographic regions are not available due to low response rates.

    Special Analyses

    Any additional analyses that are done with the MIYHS data by its partners will be posted here.

    Comparisons and trends

    Because of the numerous methodological changes in MIYHS from previous student surveys, we discourage making comparisons to other data, including comparisons with the National YRBS and other national survey, as well as comparisons to previous year's data from the MYDAUS and Maine YRBS. As resources allow, additional analyses are being done to examine these comparisons closely and resulting reports will be posted here.